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Jul 29

30 Great Articles about Life -

A literary guide to life

How to Live on 24 Hours a Day -

By Arnold Bennett

Excellent advice on getting the most out of life

Jul 28

30 Great Essays about Environmental Issues -

Great writing about the environmental challenges we face

The Efficiency Dilemma -

by David Owen

On the paradoxical effect of efficiency on consumption

Jul 27

20 Great Articles about Race -

The best writing about skin tone and how it affects our lives

Driving While Black -

by Gary Webb

Operation pipeline and the war on dark skinned motorists

Jul 25

10 Great Articles about Death -

The best writing about mortality and living with death

How Not to Commit Suicide -

by Art Kleiner

Resurrection, the voyage to the land of the dead and back again, is common enough in old legends and in the experiences of people who live through a near-terminal illness or accident. But that journey is also made daily in hospital emergency rooms.

Don't Kill Yourself -- Your Dentist Will Miss You -

by Alana M.

I found myself in the embrace of a near-stranger who was overwhelmed with joy just because I had lived to see another day.

Jul 24

60 Great Articles about Science and Technology -

All our favourite science and tech reads from around the net