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8th Aug

The Comfort Zone by Jonathan Franzen - On growing up with Snoopy.

On Being an Only Child by Geoff Dyer - As a child, I just assumed everyone else was a bored as I was.

The Kingdom of Snow and Ghosts by Michael Chabon - Remembering the marvels of the analogue television.

You Will Never Sleep With a Woman Who Looks Like That By Justin Halpern - A memoir of Little League and pornography

My Father, the Smoker by John Jeremiah Sullivan - To grow up with a self-destructive parent is a special kind of torture

7th Aug

Is the Web Driving Us Mad? by Tony Dokoupil - Who cares if it makes us stupid, does the internet cause insanity?

Sad as Hell by Alice Gregory - Is online life making us sad?

In Search Of Serendipity by Ian Leslie - Is the internet too good at giving us what we want?

The Information by Adam Gopnik - How the web gets inside us.

Cyborg Dreams by Tom Chatfield - Are gadgets taking over our lives?

6th Aug

Plastic Ocean by Susan Casey - The shocking story of the collosal patch of plastic that is slowly decomposing at the heart of the pacific.

1491 by Charles C. Mann - Did humans create the Amazon rain forest??

Our Good Earth by Charles C. Mann - Investigating the diastrous effect farming has on soil.

Planet of Weeds by David Quammen - How decreasing biological diversity tends to favour invasive species, like us.

The Great Oasis by Burkhard Bilger - Can a barrier made of trees stop the inexorible spread of the Sahara?

5th Aug

Secrets of a Mind- Gamer by Joshua Foer - An author’s adventures at the World Memory Championships.

Remember This by Joshua Foer - What people with amazing memories, or extreme memory loss, can tell us about our minds.

How to learn a language in 22 hours by Joshua Foer - Can an app help you learn a whole language in less than a day?

Amnesia Is the New Bliss by Chuck Klostermann - Should we use drugs to tinkering with painful memeories?

Partial Recall by Michael Specter - Can bringing our worst memories to the surface help us difuse their power?

4th Aug

America’s Berlin Wall by Dan Baum - A three part series looking the effect immigration has on Mexicans families that straddle the border.(and links to part 2 and part 3)

Desperate Passage by Michael Finkel - Crammed onto a 23-foot boat with 44 Haitians, the author witnesses the horrors that people will endure to make it to America.

Hecho en América by Jeanne Marie Laskas - It’s easy to have an opinion about immigration, and easier to forget that people — actual people — pick our food.