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2nd Sep


Thanksgiving in Mongolia by Ariel Levy - Adventure and heartbreak in one of the world’s most far-flung places

Excuse Us While We Kiss The Sky by Matthew Power - By day they are just normal civilians, but at night they explore the great wilderness of the untamed urban environment

The Kingdom of the Lotus by Patrick Symmes - A breathtaking journy through the remotest parts of Central Asia in serch of mythical land of Shambala

What I Did on My Summer Vacation by Scott Anderson - Three American journalists go for a holiday in Bosnia and accidentally almost catch the world’s most-wanted war criminal

The Book by Patrick Symmes - On the trail of a mysterious guidebook that exists everywhere and nowhere, in hundreds of constantly evolving versions

Holy Water by Bucky McMahon - The magical secret of a secluded Caribbean bay that glows in the dark

Heart of Dark Chocolate by Rowan Jacobsen - Heading to the heart of the rainforest to find the aincient ancestor of the modern cocoa plant

Forbidden by Tim Cahill - “It had been said that no outsider would ever see the legendary salt mines of Mali and live to describe them…”

Death of an Innocent by Jon Krakauer - The classic adventure story that became Into the Wild

The Place to Disappear by Susan Orlean - A visit to the beating heart of the Asian backpacker trail.

1st Sep

As chosen by Amandae Oliver

I have been on Tumblr for nearly four years and steadily been finding great accounts related to writing. Thought I’d share some of my favorites for other writers or aspiring writers. 


The Electric Typewriter I am convinced that Dan, the curator of tetw, has found and neatly catalogued every good bit of writing on the internet. I could be wrong, but check for yourself.

Last Nights Reading Drawings by Kate Gavino with quotes from readings in New York City.

The Rumblr The Tumblr account for The Rumpus. Their posts, reblogs, gifs, and horoscopes by Madame Clairevoyant make me giddy ever time they come up on my dashboard.

Press 53 A publisher of short fiction and poetry collections based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Their Poetry Wednesdays, Flash Fiction Fridays, and 53-story contests inspire many a sentence and story.

Penguin Classics From the editors of Penguin Books and Penguin Classics, they share quotes, photos, and, my personal favorite, Friday Final Lines. Every Friday, they offer the closing lines of a Penguin Classic.

The Paris Review Curated by their digital director Justin Alvarez, the quarterly literary magazine’s Tumblr is full of inspirational graphics and quotes that link to Paris Review articles, essays, and interviews well worth reading.

Button Poetry Even though they have only been around a little over a year, they consistently showcase new (and incredible) performance poets.

Yeah Write Everything creative writing related. Quotes, book lists, interesting articles and graphics

Electric Literatures Recommended Reading Recommended Reading is released on a four week curation cycle: beginning with a story chosen by Electric Literature, followed by an excerpt from an indie press, then an author recommendation, and finally a selection from a magazine’s archive. Each issue includes an editor’s note written by that week’s partner, introducing you to the work and their mission.

Black Balloon Publishing An independent press based out of New York City. They publish fiction, nonfiction, and memoir and “champion the weird, the unwieldy, and the unclassifiable.” They consistently publish great posts like Can You Identify the Handwriting of These 12 Famous Authors and Daddy Dearest: 10 Literary Fathers and Father Figures to be Glad Aren’t Your Own

Fwriction The online literary journal’s blog, “specializing in work that melts faces and rocks waffles.”


Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows Although the account hasn’t been updated in nearly 5 months, there are several years of archives with words and definitions John Koenig created for emotions that otherwise leave us speechless. 

Today’s Document A little history always gets the words flowing for me. The Tumblr for the U.S. National Archives posts one document daily. 

Hello You Creatives A collective of humans being creative. Inspiration, inspiration, inspiration.

Creative Mornings/Findings In a slump? Come here for photos, quotes, projects, and more from other creatives.


Strand Books Based in New York City

Powell’s Books Based in Portland, Oregon

Open Books Store Based in Chicago, Illinois


Calls for Submissions for Writers and Poets 

Writing Opportunities

Freelancer Real Talk


Writers No One Reads

NPR Books

**I will continually be adding to the list

27th Aug

The Last Don by Devin Friedman - How the Sicilian mafia’s boss of bosses evaded capture for over 40 

How I Became a Con Artist by Jason Jellick - The slippery slope of amateur scams

The Dangers of Stash by Brendan I. Koerner - On building custom cars for serious drug smugglers

Uncatchable by Michael Finkel - The amazing story of the world’s most brazen fugitive

The Sicario by Charles Bowden - Inside the life of a Juárez asassin

25th Aug

We’re All Gonna Die! by Gregg Easterbrook - But it probably won’t be because of biological weapons, runaway nanobots, or global warming. A skeptical guide to the apocalypse.

The Sky Is Falling by Gregg Easterbrook - The odds that we’ll be hit by a giant ball of space rock are 1 in 10. So why aren’t we doing anything about it?

Apocalypse Not by Matt Ridley - Is all this talk of an apocalypse a little alarmist?

Is Humanity Suicidal? by Edward O. Wilson - Are we about to go off a cliff, or does a glorious future await?

Outsmarting the CERNageddon by Erik Vance - Could the Large Hadron Collider suck us into a blakc hole?

18th Aug

The Naked Face by Malcolm Gladwell - The window to your soul may be easier to unlock than you ever thought possible.

The Art of the Handshake by Tom Chiarella - A perfunctory gesture? Hardly. It defines the exchange. A hands-on study of a subtle craft.”

The Invisible Grip by Tom Chiarella - Maintaining eye contact feels awkward, even creepy. At first. Then it just feels powerful.