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25th Aug

We’re All Gonna Die! by Gregg Easterbrook - But it probably won’t be because of biological weapons, runaway nanobots, or global warming. A skeptical guide to the apocalypse.

The Sky Is Falling by Gregg Easterbrook - The odds that we’ll be hit by a giant ball of space rock are 1 in 10. So why aren’t we doing anything about it?

Apocalypse Not by Matt Ridley - Is all this talk of an apocalypse a little alarmist?

Is Humanity Suicidal? by Edward O. Wilson - Are we about to go off a cliff, or does a glorious future await?

Outsmarting the CERNageddon by Erik Vance - Could the Large Hadron Collider suck us into a blakc hole?

24th Aug

How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live by Steven Johnson - A Time cover story from way bck in 2009 on the emergent properties of the then shiny new Twitter

Small Change by Malcolm Gladwell - Why the revolution will not tweeted

A Eulogy for Twitter - Is Twitter over?

18th Aug

The Naked Face by Malcolm Gladwell - The window to your soul may be easier to unlock than you ever thought possible.

The Art of the Handshake by Tom Chiarella - A perfunctory gesture? Hardly. It defines the exchange. A hands-on study of a subtle craft.”

The Invisible Grip by Tom Chiarella - Maintaining eye contact feels awkward, even creepy. At first. Then it just feels powerful.

14th Aug

The Making of a Molester by Daniel Bergner - A group of imprisoned child molesters attempt to come to terms with their crimes.

The Rapist Says He’s Sorry by Tom Junod - Can a sexual predator ever be freed safely?

12th Aug

The Oil We Eat by Richard Manning - How energy defines our lives — including the food we eat.

What If We Never Run Out of Oil? by Charles C. Mann - How new extraction technologies are opening up vast new oil resources that are both a blessing and a curse.

Jungle Law by William Langewiesche - Traveling through the heart of the Amazon rainforest to witness the destruction caused by the oil industry firsthand.

Dirty Coal, Clean Future by James Fallows - Is there such a thing as clean coal?

The Fracturing of Pennsylvania by Eliza Griswold - An investigation into fracking’s effects on health and the environment.

Scraping Bottom by Robert Kunzig - Rising oil prices have made the oil trapped in Alberta’s tar sands viable, and created a whole new industry on an epic scale.