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2nd Jun

We cursed and abused them, and now many of us do without them. A tribute to the payphone, a vanishing icon.

12th Feb

by Ian Frazier

Dear Guest: The shower curtain in this bathroom has been purchased with care at a reputable “big box” store in order to provide maximum convenience in showering. After you have read these instructions, you will find with a little practice that our shower curtain is as easy to use as the one you have at home.

19th May

by Ian Frazier

Of all the domesticated animals, none become feral more readily, or survive better in the wild, than the hog. Of all the larger animals, none reproduce as quickly and abundantly as the hog. The number of wild hogs in the United States - maybe four and a half million, maybe five - is unlikely to go down. The wild hog is an infestation machine.