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23rd Oct

by Evan Ratliff

One afternoon this spring, a half dozen young computer engineers sat in the headquarters of Prolexic, an Internet-security company in Hollywood, Florida, puzzling over an attack on one of the company’s clients, a penile-enhancement business called

8th Oct

by Justin Mullins

The first jetpack flew more than 40 years ago, so you might expect that by now designs would be impressively slick — perhaps even ready for daredevil commuters who want to feel the wind on their cheeks. Yet you still can’t buy or even rent one. So what has gone wrong? And will the jetpack ever live up to its promise?

26th Sep

by Julian Dibbell


At his workstation in a small, fluorescent-lighted office space in Nanjing, China, Li Qiwen sat shirtless and chain-smoking, gazing purposefully at the online computer game in front of him. 

27th Jul

by Walter Kirn


It was interesting to me - after having done some reading about the frenzied activity of the multitasking brain - how late in the process my prefrontal cortex changed its focus from the phone to the steel fence post sliding spear-like across my hood…